Target customer template

Figuring out your target customer is not easy. It’s a process and unlikely that you’ll be able to really refine it in one session. You can keep coming back to this exercise to further refine after you’ve started selling. The more accurately you can describe your target customers, the easier it is to find a focus for your brand. It’s hard to sell to someone if you don’t know who they are!


We've created a 7 page template to support with your target customer analysis. The template begins by helping you figure out the values of your customer and how you can focus different aspects of your brand on these values. Then we build in demographic and geographic factors to start to describe your customer. Once you've worked out the key details we move on to look at psychographic factors by asking questions about your customers lifestyle, habit and pain points. The final sections are communication and customer profiles. Throughout the template there's ample space for you to take notes, deliberate and work out exactly who you're targetting with your brand. 


This template comes with: 

  • A full colour PDF for filling out digitally 
  • A printable version with black text on a white background
  • Accompanying explanations for each section 
  • Sections for you to fill in throughout 

    Target customer template