Business plan template

Do you have an original idea that will disrupt the fashion industry? Do you want to transform your creative vision into a fashion brand? Then you need to start with a plan.


Typically, there’s a lot more to a great fashion brand than good designs or a good idea, but it’s the perfect place to start. In order to maximize the chances of your business thriving you need to plan out how everything will work. Your business plan will help you turn your skill for design and brand idea into a business and work out exactly how it will all work. If you write it thoroughly and properly it might take weeks to compile!


This template will walk you through the process of considering and mapping out your business plan. It's been designed from scratch specifically for fashion designers and brands. The document covers all bases, taking you through: 


- Executive summary 

- Background & experience 

- Vision & objectives 

- Market & competitive landscape 

- Implementation plan 


Our in-depth 30 page template includes pages of explaination & example followed by simple questions & guides to help you answer each section. Click on the images for further insight into the layout of the template. 

Business plan template