Branding is not just a logo

Let’s break it down


This is your blueprint, the masterplan for your customer experience. In order to build a sense of trust and loyalty between you and your clients, it’s essential that you deliver your brand consistently across all areas of business. Let’s think about it like this: what kind of experience do you want your customer to associate with your brand? What is your focus? Are you all about sustainability, telling the story of your products and the people who made them, or are you more focused on bespoke, made-to-order garments?


Stands for relationship. At its core, your brand must be a psychological conduit between you (the business) and your customers. How much do you think about how your customers think and feel about your product? Essentially, you are designing the business that you want to create, and as such there are no rules or, at the very least, you can make these rules for yourself. Your rules need to factor in this kind of client-business relationship: how do you want to curate this interaction? Think about what is most important to you in terms of shopping experience, and how you might integrate this into the core of your brand.


This is for agreement, particularly relating to the promise of what a customer will experience from your business. Think about it like this: how have you integrated aspects of high-quality throughout your business? The trick here is to think outside of fabric and trim quality and find other solutions to exhibit excellent business qualities. Consider how it looks from your customers perspective: would they enjoy your free and easy returns policy? International shipping? Or having a multitude of payment options at checkout? Make sure to talk and interact with your customers regularly to find out what theyre expecting from you and your business.


This stands for nature – the inherent nature of your business. Let’s start by thinking about personality, character, and style. Imagine zooming out of your business and view it from above: what facets of your business are the most clear, do they accurately describe what your business is about? Nature is the part of your business that customers will be emotionally associated with, and there are lots of ways that you can deliver this them. Consider colours, imagery and your tone of voice.


This stands for distinctive. In order to stand out from the crowd, your branding has to be unique, bold and, most importantly, totally you. Consider the ways in which your business is different from your competitors: how can you embed this thinking into your brand design in terms of text, logos and imagery? Make sure to showcase your unique identity through the branding of your fashion business.

To sum all of that up, branding is so much more than just your brand name and logo, it’s about your colours, your tone of voice, your strategies, your vision, and your values. Consider the different aspects associated with the word ‘brand’, and how this can impact on the design of your business and your customer values, knowledge and experiences.

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