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How to launch a responsible fashion brand 

– The Practical Course

February 2021

It's back! Our sell out LAUNCH course is returning in February 2021. This 4-week course will provide you with a 45 minute live strategy session each week plus four guest expert speakers. You'll also get 1 PDF worksheet and 1 business management template each week. 

Starting 1st February 2021 we'll be covering:

  • Week 1 - Planning 

  • Week 2 - Making 

  • Week 3 - Launching

  • Week 4 - Selling

How to launch a responsible fashion brand is the course for you if you 

  • have always wanted to start a brand but aren't sure how; 

  • are looking for ways to create a valuable & sustainable brand;

  • want to turn your craft & passion into a fashion business; 

  • need to know about sourcing, samples & manufacture.

The first 10 people to sign up will get to choose one product from the Rockett Fashion shop for FREE! Booking opens on 1st January. 

The plan of action

Week 1 - Planning 

​In week one we'll start by looking at the essentials of setting up your business and building a social media presence. Plus mapping out what you're going to sell & finding your target market. We'll welcome our first guest speaker - a fashion branding expert - who will be sharing their expertise on figuring out what to sell, who to sell to & why you're selling! 

​Week 2 - Making 

Week two will take you through methods of production, charging for your time making, developing a cohesive brand identity & deciding on your business model. In week two we'll have our second guest speaker, a fashion materials expert speaking to us about sustainable sourcing, she'll be sharing her knowledge and connections for developing a responsible sourcing strategy for  your brand. 

Week 3 -  Launching

This week we'll welcome our third guest! As a fashion lawyer our guest is perfectly positioned to offer you support & guidance on setting up your business. In the strategy session we'll be looking at the financial & business management side of things including IP essentials, money management & securing funding. 

Week 4 - Selling

In our final week we'll be focused on the practical parts of selling. The strategy session will look at building and managing a website, selling online and office & pricing products for profitability. Following this session we'll be joined by a fashion PR expert who will talk you through gaining media coverage, running your own PR strategies & raising awareness of your brand. 


Payment  options

There are two payment options for our 4-week 'How to launch a responsible fashion brand' online course. 

Option 1: FULL PAYMENT - pay full £150 upfront on booking; 

Option 2: SPLIT PAYMENTS - pay £50 deposit on booking, £50 on 1st February and £50 on 15th February. 

Option 3: BESPOKE PAYMENTS - email team@rockettfashion.com to create a bespoke payment package.  


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