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Fashion has a problem. In fact, it has many problems. Every second 1 garbage truck of textiles is landfilled, garment workers are paid 5x less than they need to live and the 2nd largest polluter of water in the world is textile dyeing. 

So how can we set out to solve this? 

The future of fashion lies with circular business models, traceable supply chains and responsible materials. For startup and small fashion brands these concepts might just sound complicated, expensive and unobtainable. At Rockett Fashion our goal is to embed circular business model design, collaborative blockchain technology, sustainable materials development and on demand manufacturing seamlessly into small businesses. 

Our Explore + Develop + Connect consultancy model allows designers and brands to access industry connections, business support and strategic guidance as affordably as possible. 

Rockett Fashion specialises in developing responsible fashion businesses with sustainable practice at their core. Our work is targeted towards micro and small fashion brands offering affordable and future thinking business guidance. 

We offer workshops, courses and 1:1 sessions. 

Our vision is to provide affordable support for early-stage businesses to drive responsible fashion business solutions. 

In 2020 we worked with over 30 designers each month 1:1, hosted over 350 brand owners at our workshops and had 6 clients showing at LWF! 

  • Starts May 21

    50 British pounds
  • Starts Jun 21

    25 British pounds
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Rene Schienbenbauer

“In the work together, I developed further my brand structure and business development. It’s been a great opportunity to go into greater detail of some elements of my brand development and utilise my experience to develop a greater understanding for my business. Overall after having worked on refining my pricing, production process and target group, I feel confident to take my brand a step further.”