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Independent designers are the lifeblood of the fashion industry; they are the pioneers, innovators, and risk takers. It is through their work that the industry as a whole is pushed forward. Our work at Rockett Fashion focuses on helping independents to create a solid business foundation, allowing their brand to grow sustainably and thrive. 

As a brand - a designer,  a maker, a creator - you are responsible for many things; social, economic and environmental. Making better decisions is crucial for a more sustainable fashion future. At Rockett Fashion we concentrate our efforts on building responsible and sustainable businesses; helping designers to rethink how they market, produce and sell their product. 

As a fashion designer you become an entrepreneur when it comes to launching your own brand. At Rockett Fashion we mentor start up and growing brands to support you running a business. We look at constructing your business like you would a tailored garment. Measuring and planning, cutting to size and setting goals. Stitching together to make the perfect product.  

Our story

Eleanor Rockett holds both a first-class law degree and an MA in Design Management from London College of Fashion.


Prior to launching her eponymous consultation service, Eleanor worked for several independent, responsible fashion designers.


Alongside established creatives at the forefront of sustainable progress, she assisted with business management, strategy and operations.

After graduating LCF, she became the Studio Manager for a multi-brand concept store, where she worked with over 50 established, independent labels. At 23, she was made COO of fashion tech company XYZ EXCHANGE, a leading blockchain-based fashion supply chain venture.

Eleanor launched Rockett Fashion in January 2020, with the aim of supporting brands to construct effective strategies to fuel their work with vision and purpose. Since then, the business has succeeded in projecting the voices of independents across the globe on a higher platform and three of our clients have shown on schedule at London Fashion Week. 

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